Mystery Box

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We will include various used and fully tested electronics ranging from

Ipods, Tablets, Game consoles up to full servers

Shipped for free within Canada* on the 15th of every month.

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Server Mystery Box $99/month

Server/Enterprise equipement and hardware.

Servers/Workstations all have a value of at last $150-$250.


Electronics Mystery Box $49/month

Electronics equipment boxes are all have a value of at least $75-$150.

Items are fully tested but may not include power adapters.


Any subscriptions placed before the 25th of the month

will recieve the current months item(s).

These item(s) will be shipped when you subscribe


Any subscriptions placed after the 25th will recieve

the following months item(s).

These item(s) will be shipped on the 15th

* We ship free within Canada, excluding Remote locations

If you are located in the United States, we offer discounted shipping rates (Please contact us [Here] for more details)

We do not ship Mystery boxes outside of North America at this time

(Items that require common power adapters or cables may not include adapter or cable)