Lot of 25x Sonim Cells|

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Power Adapter: If a power adapter is required for this item, it is Not Included

Power Cord: If a power cord is required for this item, it is Not Included

Factory Defaulted, Comes As Shown

At the Electronic Reusing Association we have over 50 years of combined electronic repurposing experience. Our trained and dedicated staff meticulously hand selects, tests and refurbishes each item to meet the demands of all second hand users. Each item is backed by our in house warranty, so you can have piece of mind when purchasing electronics from our website.

SN1SonimXP1520--CNo Battery5
SN2SonimXP5700--CNo Battery10
SN3SonimXP7700--BActivation Lock15
SN4SonimXP7700--BActivation Lock15
SN5SonimXP7700--BActivation Lock15
SN6SonimXP7700--BActivation Lock15
SN7SonimXP7700--BActivation Lock15
SN8SonimXP7700--BActivation Lock15
SN9SonimXP7700--BNo Power15
SN10SonimXP7700--BNo Power15
SN11SonimXP7700--BNo Power15
SN12SonimXP7700--CRubber Peeling, Activation Lock10
SN13SonimXP770016GBTelusCRubber Peeling15
SN14SonimXP7700--CStuck in Setup, Touch Not Working10
SN15SonimXP7700--CRubber Peeling, Powers On, No Display10
SN16SonimXP7700--CRubber Missing, No Power10
SN17SonimXP7700--CRubber Peeling, Activation Lock10
SN18SonimXP7700--DBroken Glass, Rubber Peeling, Activation Lock5
SN19SonimXP7700--DBroken Glass, Activation Lock10
SN20SonimXP7700--DBroken Glass, Remote Managed10
SN21SonimXP7700--CActivation Lock, Screen Defective10
SN22SonimXP7700--DBroken Glass, Activation Lock10
SN25SonimXP770016GBTelusCRubber Peeling60
Lot is sold as listed only.
Condition A= Like New
Condition B= Good Condition
Condition C= Noted Defects
Condition D= Broken Glass

You have 30 days to return it if there is a problem with the unit.